A Book by its Cover…

One day I happened to google “Casanova book” and clicked on images. I thought I knew the books written about Casanova, but it turns out there’s a whole demimonde I didn’t know existed! Or there’s the set of authors who use Casanova’s reputation or infamy (accurate or otherwise) to sell their books. Here are some of my favorite book covers.

Appreciation for cover art from earlier decades:  3d8764c02f747f55988302028e3a622f


Variations on covers for C’s mémoirs:


In the “bodice rippers and jeans unzippers” categories:



In case you want to practice your English, you can read in this series.


Or if you want a little psychology:


There’s another whole category of graphic novels that I didn’t include here, as well as movie posters. Perhaps those will be a future blog. And what I’ve included here is only a sampling. You could spend an entertaining 20 minutes searching more on your own.





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3 Responses to A Book by its Cover…

  1. Yvonne says:

    Oh, good grief! I liked the “bodice rippers, jeans unzipper” category.

  2. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Oh those lurid 50s covers (the first two, I assume) and the equally laughable romance/bodice-ripper ones. Love these.

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