Reliving the Recital

Our Beautiful Woman in Venice recital was a few weeks ago at the Woodside Priory, and I apologize for only now posting some pictures. (This blog has been quiet for a couple weeks as life got busy; expect some catching up soon!)

Here’s me holding forth… (Notice the harpsichord behind me!)

Here we have Tina Paulson singing pieces by Barbara Strozzi and Antonia Bembo. She is accompanied by Gordon Haramaki on harpsichord and Paul Federighi on bass. You can see the images of the composers on the screen behind them. Not pictured here is her later piano accompanist, Benjamin Belew.

When Tina sang “La Regata Veneziana” by Rossini, I spoke about courtesan Veronica Franco as a sort of representative of the flirtatious singer’s voice, and then about Maria Boscola, a renowned female regatta winner. You can see them on the screen. Can you tell which is which?


And here we are afterwards. We ended up raising almost $200 for Save Venice, Inc.


Thanks to all who came out to see us! We hope that another venue will be interested in hosting this event in the future.

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  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    We both enjoyed it.

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