Gondola Stuff: Wooden Ferro


As a part of my occasional series “Gondola Stuff,” here you get to see another item from my collection. Friends presented me with this lovely wooden ferro,  hand-carved by a Venetian artist. The artist included a Murano glass inlay, in the murrine or mille fiore style, where different colored glass rods are fused together, and then a slice is taken that displays all the lovely colors (here green, blue, and white). Here are some close ups of canes and a slice of fused glass:


Usually a ferro on a gondola is made of iron, its purpose to balance the weight of the gondolier at the back of the boat. (And they look awfully pretty!)


(Glass photos from these sites: http://www.warm-glass.co.uk/murrine-cane-coe90-red-and-white-p-4228.html and http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-XDTucugrdZg/UDEThNt-KcI/AAAAAAAABjc/0ZyVCbBD_E8/s1600/Murrine.bmp. The other two photos are mine.)

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1 Response to Gondola Stuff: Wooden Ferro

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Your ferro is beautiful. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift.

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