Vaporetto Dogs


Peggy Guggenheim’s dogs knew how to take the vaporetto by themselves. They got on and off at their desired stops.

The real question is, where were they going? To pick up their favorite biscotti? For a tryst with that cute poodle? For a quick ombra?

Apparently the dogs also occasionally fell into the canal, and Peggy would fish them out with a specially made long pole.


Guggenheim was famous for her dogs. Fourteen of them are buried in the courtyard of her palace, the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni on the Grand Canal, which is now a museum.


I’ve heard that Moscow’s mutts ride the metro independently, with dozens of them living in the subway system. So I did a search to see if modern day dogs ride Venice’s vaporetto. Nothing turned up. Do any of my readers out there know if dogs take the vaporetto by themselves? I did come across some websites advising travelers who take their dogs with them to Venice. In the “Elimination” section of the site, it reminded, “In most parts of Venice, your dog will need to make pipi and caca on the paving stones. (Be sure to bring plastic bags.)” (

Did Peggy’s dogs know how to clean up after themselves as well?

(Facts about Peggy’s dogs come from Art Lover by Anton Gill. Images from

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  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Fun little tidbit

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