Just in Time…

…to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Jewish Ghetto in Venice, I’ve published my newest book!

43 Quadrifoglio

A Living Memory: Immortality for Sarra Copia Sulam.


This is a portrait that is probably of Sarra, though it hasn’t been confirmed:

Copia-Sulam-web copy

In case you don’t know about Sarra, here’s the text from the book’s back cover to tell you a bit about the obstacles she faced as well as her accomplishments:

“Denounced for heresy, pressured relentlessly to convert, accused of plagiarism, questioned for her learning, and literally robbed of hundreds of ducats in gold and goods, Sarra Copia Sulam faced travails that would have felled those fainter of heart. As a Jewish scholar in seventeenth century Venice, she had to remain steadfast in her faith while she brought together both Christian and Jewish scholars in her literary salon. Sarra kept her wits about her, utilized her learning, remained devout, and garnered the support of numerous friends and scholars who came to her defense when she was besieged. Her name means princess, and like one used to being followed, Sarra has inspired others for centuries. Sarra Copia Sulam created a ‘living memory,’ her own immortality.”


No one is quite sure where Sarra lived in the Ghetto, though it’s likely to have been the Palazzo Sullam, by the bridge that connects the old and new ghetto. Sarra’s husband was a wealthy merchant who could have afforded a large house. She hosted a literary salon to both Christian and Jewish scholars, so she needed a large enough space, though most houses in the Ghetto were quite small.


The book has been published by Supernova Edizioni in Venice and has been delivered to the bookstores there. We really pushed hard to get it done in time for the Ghetto commemorations. If you’re in town, look for it in the stores and send me a picture!

Here’s the link to Supernova Edizioni:


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3 Responses to Just in Time…

  1. Cecelia Pierotti says:

    Big congrats and well done!!!!

  2. Nancy Schwalen says:

    How exciting! When will it be available here?

    • It won’t. I’m not printing it up here in the US because I don’t think I’ll get enough interest to cover the printing costs. 😛 If you know of an agent or publisher who’s interested in representing it, let me know! Or I guess I could make it available somewhere as print on demand. If you want a copy, I’ll get you one next time I’m in Venice!

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