“It’s Time to Redefine Beauty”


Coronation of Morosina Morosini Grimani, who gave women a public persona

Check out this new website, which promotes nonfiction books by posting articles about their topics. As NFReads.com says on the site, “Learn something new every week: get weekly updates on interesting articles by nonfiction authors and discover their books.” It offers a wide range of categories, from art to law, sports to spirituality, health to history. Today you can read about some of the Venetian women that I included in my book A Beautiful Woman in Venice. Here’s the article, titled “It’s Time to Redefine Beauty,” and the website; just click on this link:


If you’re an author yourself, I encourage you to participate on the site. Tony Eames, who runs the site, was helpful and easy to work with, and he offers this site for free to both writers and readers. What a wonderful resource for all of us!

Lucrezia Marinella

Venetian author Lucrezia Marinella

About seductivevenice

Teacher, writer, traveler, dancer, reader, photographer, gardener.
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1 Response to “It’s Time to Redefine Beauty”

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    How great to have another source for getting the word out about your book.

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