Bird’s Eye View


Last weekend I finally finished this puzzle.  I had been working on it sporadically for about nine months, sometimes pulled away from it by other projects and tasks, but always coming back. Working on this involved a large dose of insanity and borderline OCD. The 1000 pieces look alarmingly alike in both shape and color, and the picture on the box left off about two inches on all sides. But I was determined to not give up.

As you can probably imagine, having a puzzle sit around for nine months means that it was moved often. You can see that six pieces went missing. I’m surprised it wasn’t more. At one point, I discovered that my cat had taken to sleeping on the puzzle at night. I never caught her at it, but I started to realize there was a a disturbing amount of black hair amongst the puzzle pieces. So then I started covering the puzzle under two large cardboard posters (one alone wasn’t large enough). What pieces the cat kicked off probably got sucked up by the vacuum.

Simone, the puzzle thief

Simone, the puzzle thief

And then there was the time I left my friend Laura alone in my house and came back to find this:


Yes, she disturbed some of my organized piles, but it also made me take it all a little less seriously. It’s too easy to get sucked in to something like this and become obsessed over something that is meant to be fun and relaxing.

One of the best things about this puzzle was recognizing the places I know well. The Hotel Bernardi near Campo SS Apostoli, where I stayed the first time I went alone to Venice (and were I return to visit the owners who have become friends). The Casanova sites, like the Erbaria or Cantina do Spade. Favorite churches like the Miracoli. Palaces where some of the Beautiful Women of Venice lived, such as the Palazzo Loredan Corner of Elena Cornaro Piscopia. Solving Venice puzzles is one more way I live vicariously in Venice when I cannot be there.

But this week I also bought my plane ticket to return to Venice in July. 🙂

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7 Responses to Bird’s Eye View

  1. Elizabeth Davidson says:

    Boy do I know what you are talking about! Except my 1000 piece Venice puzzle isn’t complete yet. Its taken up house on my dining room table since the first of the year. And, I have to fend off two cats instead of one. You give me hope that in a couple more months it might be finished!!

    • The fun is in the journey, not the destination, as they say, though in this case it’s in the many minutes you spend staring at pieces of Venice. Enjoy! And I hope your cats give your puzzle a wide berth!

  2. Cecelia Pierotti says:

    Yes, I’ve had a variety of these…..but this looks like a particular challenge!!! How long will you be in Venice? I’m there mid August through September…..will we overlap?

  3. Congrats on completing such a challenging puzzle. I totally get living vicariously in Venice while not being there. I paint Venice between visits; I try to paint other things but Venice pops up in nearly all my paintings. My head is always in Venice. I will be there in late August with a couple of work colleagues (we are all retired now!). AND… I get to return with Linda mid-September. None of the three have been to Venice so it will be fun to show them around.

  4. Nancy Schwalen says:

    That puzzle would make me cross-eyed. Good for you for finishing it. And good for you for going back to Venice this summer.

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