Gondola Stuff: The Metalhead


From my collection of gondola stuff. I got this one off  eBay in a sudden fit when I thought I needed more gondola things but I wasn’t in Venice to shop for something there. Unfortunately, it’s missing the tip of the ferro. Some of the details are fairly accurate, such as how the gondolier stands to the right in order to balance the boat. But I don’t know how anyone could fit inside that felze with its rounded roof; maybe it’s a gondola for children or cats (because we know that the dogs already know how to get themselves around on the vaporetto).

My favorite detail, and where the Metalhead names originates, is the chapeau on the gondolier’s head. Is he a WWII soldier sporting a helmet? Or an American football player from the very early days of the sport? His head wear certainly does not resemble anything I’ve seen gondoliers wear before, even in winter, as seen below.


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1 Response to Gondola Stuff: The Metalhead

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    I’ve decided it’s a football helmet. But I will have to look for this gem the next time we are at your house so I can look more closely.

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