The New Book Exists!

Last March (2016) my publisher in Venice, Supernova Edizioni,  published my new book, A Living Memory: Immortality for Sarra Copia Sulam. But I’ve never actually seen the finished book until today! Libreria Studium is carrying it. I finally got to hold a copy!


I’m sorry to say that the book was sort of lost on the bottom shelf, and we had to search for it for a few minutes. But I grew bold and told them I was the author, and they quickly put it in a more prominent spot. Sweet!


It’s only published in Italy, not in the US (or you can order it online from Supernova in Italy). If you want a copy, tell me now and I’ll bring home some extras! (It’s ten euros.) I’ll also make it available as an ebook soon on Smashwords.

I also saw in the store window a copy of my friend’s book, Dream of Venice by Joanne Loctov. Here’s a rather dreamy pic, with the late afternoon sun hitting the window and kind of obscuring the picture.


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6 Responses to The New Book Exists!

  1. carolash says:

    How wonderful! When your last book came out, and we were in Venice, I went in the bookstores and rearranged the shelves so your book was one of the ones facing out. Anywhere I could place your book to get attention, I moved it there. Fortunately the stores did have it in the windows. It became a mission to find book stores and we were surprised just how many there actually are in Venice. I’m looking forward to buying your new book in a couple of months when I return to Venice. Have fun celebrating Redentore.

    • You rock! Thanks for fronting all my books! Now I have to get after my publisher to make sure he keeps everything well stocked. I went to the Museo Ebraico yesterday, near the home of Sarra Copia Sulam, and they didn’t have the new book. 😦 We must rectify that!

  2. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Exciting to see it as a reality. congratulations.

  3. Cecelia Pierotti says:

    Wow….very cool,,,,,congratulations!!!! I’ll be sure they still have copies in August/September and purchase one there!!!!

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