Shameless Self-Promotion

Today I got to meet up with my friend Gregory Dowling, professor at Ca’ Foscari and author of a number of novels. He had just received the proofs for the American edition of his latest book, which came out in Europe last year. It’s titled Ascension and tells a vivid and faced-paced tale of intrigue in Venice, 1749. Here’s the European edition (resting  on my bed pillow and signed by the author!):


Seriously, one of the best Venice reads! He really brings you into the time and place while still captivating you with a great plot and likable characters.

Earlier today, I had met up with my publisher and finally got my own copy of A Living Memory: Immortality for Sarra Copia Sulam. So Gregory and I posed with our two new books. Gregory is holding his proofs copy.(Sorry for cutting off Gregory’s head. I’m not the best at taking selfies.)


If you’ve read Ascension and liked it, you’ll be happy to know that the sequel is in the works! In fact, Gregory is going to lock himself in his apartment for the next couple weeks and write like a madman to meet his deadlines. Go, man, go!

I’m off to Murano later this week to do research for the next mini-book in my series about Venetian women. I learned that my friend Piero is related to the Barovier glassmaking family, so he gave me the name of his cousin to talk to! Other friends hooked me up with other connections as well. Wish me luck! Research is always an adventure.


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4 Responses to Shameless Self-Promotion

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Have your book. Bought his. Good luck in your interview.

  2. dowlinggregory says:

    Thanks so much for the kind remarks, Kathy. It was good to meet up as ever. And the photo is good too; that way people can imagine I have a full head of hair.

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