Some Artwork Worth Noticing

I spotted these interesting works at the Museo Correr today.

Here’s a painting by Giovanni Bellini where Jesus actually looks like he’s from the Middle East. Or does he look like he’s from the Planet of the Apes?


This one made me think of Matt Groening’s Simpson’s characters. Do you recognize the similarity in their eyes?



And here’s a rather graphic depiction of the Leda and the Swan myth. In case you need a refresher or don’t recognize what’s happening here, Leda had rather intimate relations with this bird. Why do they teach mythology to children?


The original bowl haircut? That’s a big bowl!

IMG_0147For you fans of Peggy Guggenheim’s palace/museum in Venice, here’s a curiosity. The Palazzo Venier dei Leone was never finished, but here’s the model of what it should have looked like. It was supposed to be much taller.

And finally I visited the painting that shows Morosina Morosini Grimani coronation as dogaressa in 1597. That’s her in the golden dress, beckoning to the viewer. The first chapter of my book A Beautiful Woman in Venice tells her story, so I felt a certain connection to her as I viewed the painting again today. I couldn’t resist holding up my book to the painting. You can see Morosina’s portrait on the book cover, bottom row, second from the left. (Sorry, no flash photography allowed in the museum, so it came out a bit squishy.)


I’ve been to the Correr a number of times, and today I went intending to find some old maps of Murano (sadly, with no luck). But the museum is always worth a visit. I got to visit Morosina, but I’m very sorry to report that the portrait of Maria Boscola, the regatta winner, is out of sight right now. They’ve blocked the rooms showing the regattas. Boo! Here’s Maria in case you miss her.



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4 Responses to Some Artwork Worth Noticing

  1. Yvonne says:

    The Correr always pleases!

  2. Nancy Schwalen says:

    I love the wry humor in your captions.

  3. Bert says:

    The face of Christ in your first photo is a bit like that one in Spain that was in the news fairly recently. A woman took it upon herself to “restore” the painting in her local church and it ended up being only a touch worse than your Bellini.
    At the end of the article: to make matters worse, the local centre that works to preserve artworks had just received a donation from the painter’s granddaughter which they had planned to use to restore the original fresco.
    Oh! The irony!

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