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“Learn something new every week: get weekly updates on interesting nonfiction articles.” That’s the motto of the website NFReads.com, a clearing house for nonfiction titles. Peruse their pages or even have a weekly email delivered to let you know what’s new.

I’ve recently posted a piece there about my guidebook to Venice, Seductive Venice: In Casanova’s Footsteps. If you’d like a summary of the book, this piece is a great place to start–from the places Casanova called home to the places he was kicked out of!

Pal Bragadin 4

The Palazzo Bragadin-Carabba, which Casanova called home for a time

Pal Malipiero

The Palazzo Malipiero, which Casanova was kicked out of

Here’s how the piece begins:

“How many people have the distinction that their name has become a common noun? Giacomo Casanova is one such person. Though he lived in the 1700s and is best remembered as a seductive lover, few people realize that he was also a prolific writer, a mathematician, a gambler, a cabbalist, a spy, a law secretary, and even briefly a priest. In Casanova’s 12-volume memoirs, History of my Life, he recounts his childhood in Venice as well as his wanderings around Europe, one of the most informative chronicles of the 18th century.”

And here’s the rest! Just click on this link to read on: NFReads promotes Casanova

Thanks, NFReads, for providing this service to both authors and readers alike!

Gesuiti 4

The Church of the Gesuiti, where Casanova was dumped after being kicked out of the seminary on Murano


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2 Responses to Learn Something New Every Week

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Seductive Venice is a fun read even if one isn’t currently touring Venice. (Some day . . . )

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