More Casanova Appropriation

A while back I posted a bunch of images of book covers featuring Casanova as a title or subject or image or icon. Here are some new images I’ve come across, both books and films, and even a musical. First, a couple modern ones:



My favorites, still, are the images from the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s.






Casanova–appropriated by people everywhere!


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5 Responses to More Casanova Appropriation

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Oh some of these are so tacky but also so funny!

  2. It never ceases to amaze me what type of things the great man spawns! There are numerous fonts for instance. I like this one – in that at least the creator has given it some thought:

    it always amuses me that the Seduction style courses seem to totally miss the point that he liked women, found them interesting and had respect for them. (And that it might be the most bizarre thing about them that made them irresistible – not just a pair of boobs.) Sure it was a game – of sorts – but it was a game about fun and respect.

    Going back to the art I think he’d have hated them if they had been around in his lifetime but I suspect – with a few hundred years immortality on his side – he’d smile wryly.

    Great blog btw. Only just found it.

    • Thanks for sharing this example of a Casanova typeface. I had no idea that our man C had inspired fonts! The Fiat ad usage of the font is quite inspired.
      And you make a good point about the misrepresentation of C’s love affairs. Anyone who has read his memoirs will see what women really meant to him. Simply labeling Casanova a seducer or ladies’ man is a misnomer. He was more complex than that, which is why I find him fascinating. Glad you like the blog!

      • You may well have read it but have you read Casanova (or the art of happiness) by Lydia Flem (a psychoanalyst) which talks very much about why he should be/is fascinating and of interest to women as well as men? (I’m obviously intrigued by him on a male level but I think he’d intrigue me in equal/different ways if I was a woman! There’s a rash claim.)

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