Quattro Minuti con Casanova: Campo Manin

La Cavamacchia was a well-known courtesan in Casanova’s time. Hear part of her story here, on this episode of Quattro Minuti con Casanova, as I stand before the house of Signor Piai in Campo Manin. Between Casanova and La Cavamacchia there were flirtations, insults, and even, later some slaps (but that’s a different video!) In this story, learn about her lovers, her failed singing attempt, and the insults she traded with Casanova–not one of his better exchanges with a beautiful woman.

Click here: La Cavamacchia at Campo Manin

And here’s a good shot of Campo Manin, from further back, to give you a better perspective of where I’m standing.


(Photo from the site: http://www.suzzannafrank.com/2011/11/rio-di-san-luca.html)


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3 Responses to Quattro Minuti con Casanova: Campo Manin

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    One learns not to get on Caasanova’s snarky side. But she sounds like a survivor.

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