And Now from the BBC…


The BBC’s Culture page just published this piece assessing Casanova’s life–the truth, the myth, the legend.

Click here: How Casanova’s Provocative Memoir Created a Legend

And guess who they quote? Me!! How exciting is that?!

The author, Hephzibah Anderson, contacted me via email a couple weeks ago with some interview questions. Really good questions, I might add. I had a lot of fun answering them. She wove some of my responses into this piece, which also features Ian Kelly, whose memoir on Casanova is being adapted into a ballet.

Hephzibah’s assessment is broad and deep and thoughtful, questioning how society labels its more visible members. The way Casanova has been viewed over the decades has changed, and she catalogues the metamorphosis of that assessment. I also love how Ian Kelly makes a point about Casanova being such a brave memoirist, who is willing to write about his flaws and failures as well as his achievements. One of my fascinations with Casanova is this dichotomy between his brilliance and his flaws, and it’s important to remember that we know both sides of him because he shared it in his writings.

If any of you go see the ballet, please let me know what it’s like! And a big shout out to Hephzibah for this informed and entertaining article.


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