December Book Sale!

In the spirit of giving gifts, I’m offering sale prices on my three Venice books for the month of December. Two dollars off each title! Visit each website to get this deal (which is not available if you buy at Amazon or other sites), where you can click on the link that sends you to PayPal. Then I will personally put a copy in the mail to you! Buy a copy for your friends who love to travel, or those who appreciate Italian heritage, or for the history buff on your list. Or treat yourself to an entertaining and enlightening read over your holiday vacation. (Sale prices available in the United States.) Here are the links:

Click here: Free Gondola Ride



Description: How can a woman visiting Italy balance being an objective journalist with her needs as a woman starving for attention? After researching Venetian gondolier, the most iconic of men, the author spent a summer with them in order to discover more about their unique occupation, vessels, and lifestyles.

Instead of uncovering only objective facts, Gonzalez found herself drawn in to the lives of her subjects: being befriended, getting to know their families, learning their language, hearing the gossip, and being offered “free gondola rides” countless times—some of which carried a price tag not in the usual currency. What results is a story of these men and their boats woven through the tale of the author’s adventures among them, from carrying their profane messages between them to midnight skinny dipping.

With its stories of seduction by a city and its gondoliers, Free Gondola Ride brings Venice alive in fun and romantic ways. While Gonzalez gains back herself, readers will learn what it takes to get a free gondola ride.

Or here: Seductive Venice: In Casanova’s Footsteps

pb Seductive Venice final

Description: Skip the crowded tourist shops and museums. Seductive Venice is for lovers, scholars, and adventurers who want to experience Venice in the footsteps of her most famous lover. Whether you do one walking tour or all seven, you are sure to have a memorable experience steeped in history and yet uniquely your own.

Learning history has never been so fun or so seductive. Drink a Bellini where Casanova was spied on. Kneel in the church where Casanova collected love letters after giving a sermon. Sneak down back alleys where Casanova played pranks. Create a little of your own history while being seduced by the lover and his city.

Or here: A Beautiful Woman in Venice

A Beautiful Woman in Venice

Description: A stately woman in a brocade gown steps off a golden boat. A mirror merchant in simple white blouse takes action to preserve her republic. Standing at a university podium, a woman holds forth in Latin on women’s education. A cloistered nun in a walled up convent uses the only power she has—her pen. Artists hold in their hands pastels or pens or glass or thread to document or protect or adorn or embellish those around them. 

All these beautiful women represent Venice, Italy’s city of water and light. Venice, associated with Venus, the goddess of love, was a city ruled by men. However, though men wielded the power and made the decisions, Venice was still a city of women: women who maintained culture, who attracted tourists and lovers, who entertained in both sacred and secular venues, who founded refuges for others or prayed for their wellbeing, who sold or delivered the goods and foods that maintained life. Women who were mothers, wanting the best, fair education for their children. Women who were daughters, dutiful or seeking or devout. Women who were wives, working alongside their husbands or forging their own talented paths. Women who prayed faithfully. Beautiful women, each in her own way.

Libraries of books have been written about Venetian history and Venetian men’s roles in shaping it. But little is written about the lives of its women. In this book you’ll read their stories. It’s time to redefine beauty.


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  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Hope you make some sales.

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