No Strings Attached

Don’t your hands just itch to bring these marionettes to life?

Ca’ Goldoni is full of treasures. The museum was at one time the home of Venetian playwright Carlo Goldoni. Exhibits depict scenes from some of his plays and hit the highlights of his life. But one of my favorite things is the room full of marionettes. They’re wonderfully preserved, hanging along the walls behind glass, but also on display in a marionette theater.

Next time you’re in Venice and you buy the museum pass, don’t toss it partially used! That pass will get you into the major museums, but be sure to make time for Ca’ Goldoni as well.

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Teacher, writer, traveler, dancer, reader, photographer, gardener.
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2 Responses to No Strings Attached

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    I love these marionettes, especially the horse. The faces of the humans are so wonderfully imaginative.

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