Casanova Location Gets Recognized


A friend recently sent me this photo. I knew about this general location, where Casanova aided Bragadin after the party, but I didn’t know that someone had found the precise site of the former caffe. Or did they? Is this sign an approximation? And who put up this sign? A couple friends of mine in Venice have been trying to get permission to mark more Casanova sites and have been refused. So how did this one come to be there?

Does anyone have more info on this? If you’re in Venice, can you go to this place and ask the local shop owners if they know anything else?

And by the way, don’t you love that they used the word “maecenas”?? I’m not going to define that right now, because I know I have a few followers who will have a lot of fun explaining the reference.  🙂

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16 Responses to Casanova Location Gets Recognized

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Hope you find the answer to your mystery.

  2. Rosemary Wilmot says:

    I have found a photo of what looks like a hat shop with the plaque on the right hand wall the number of the shop is 2235 – can you see it ??

  3. Rosemary Wilmot says:

    Whoopps posted before I had finished !! It says the address is

    San Polo, 2235 – Calle del Scaleter

  4. Did the nameless “they” who refused to signpost other Casanova signs in Venice ever give any kind of reason?

    • The “they” is nameless because I’m not sure who in the government my friends talked to. I think “they” don’t like to have a lot of plaques, signs, ads, and such on any of the historical buildings, which in Venice means every building!

      • J P Maher says:

        I hope to find out the history of Venice sign-posting. It isn’t that ancient. When did it start? Maybe the city Archivio could help us.

      • I guess that figures. In Venice at least. It reminded me of the campaign to put a plaque on the English house where the courtesan Cora Pearl was born. As far as I know “they” – Plymouth council – never did anything about it.
        It seems that the establishment have very long standing issues against people like Cora and Casanova and the way they so totally carved out their own lives. (Naively you’d think they’d want to celebrate it.)
        I often think it would have been a cataclysmic event had Cora and Casanova ever met but history kept their timelines apart by a good few years.
        (I’ve tried to post this comment about 3 times before btw – if you keep getting random notifications – but WordPress, in its wisdom has removed it because I included a link to a Plymouth newspaper that highlighted me as a possible scammer! Oh the irony.)
        Anyway, I really like your blog, it’s great; I’m slowly working my way back through older posts – all interesting, all enlightening.)

  5. J P Maher says:

    Note lower case on maecenas, as opposed to his proper name, Maecenas. I first learned about him in my college sophomore year in a course on Horace. Maecenas was rich and connected and was a sponsor without whom several famous writers would have been lost to history. Wikipedia errs on the pronunciation. Though the AE of MAECENAS in classical Latin sounded like English EYE or AYE, the C was sounded as K. The correct pronunciation in English is Mee-SEE-nuhs. Otherwise Wiki OK.

  6. Susie L says:

    Rosemary did a great job of sleuthing! I would like to add that the hat shop is no ordinary hat shop, but the atelier of Monica Daniele, who makes classic Venetian tabarri!

    • Most excellent! I love to support the local Venetian crafts people.

    • Rosemary Wilmot says:

      Wow even better…I was even happier when I found the address. I shall be visiting when I go to Venice later on in the Summer

      • Susie L says:

        Wonderful, Rosemary! It has been a long-held wish to buy a beautiful tabarro from Monica Daniele, then take part in Il Gran Liston in Piazza San Marco! Swoon. Followed by prosecco at Florian’s in order to recover of course.

  7. Nancy Schwalen says:

    You certainly have a hard-working network of Casanova/Venice friends.

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