Gondola Stuff: Bug Killler Gondola

As part of my occasional series of gondola-related stuff, here’s your latest peek into my collection. I got this at the fair trade shop by the Rialto Bridge. It’s made from used bug spray cans. Clever recycling, but whoever got the idea to make gondolas?? The ferro on the front is surprisingly accurate, with prongs for all six sestieri, and the fero da pope on the back is one of the more elaborate styles. Besides the usual loveseat, tt has a little lantern and side chairs. But the area where the gondolier would stand is not flat, so he or she would have a hard time balancing or rowing. The one missing element is the forcolaIMG_9674 IMG_9675 IMG_9676

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1 Response to Gondola Stuff: Bug Killler Gondola

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    clever use of “found” materials!

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