What Does a Navel Have to Do with Casanova?


Here is a curious item related to Casanova. My friend Marco sent me photos of a small medal cast in silver. At his request, it was commissioned and then created in 1998 by a Dutch association to honor Casanova. Roberto Ruggió designed it. Only 107 of them were made.


One would expect to see Casanova’s portrait on the medal, but no, this is no ordinary creation! The flip side of the medal shows a girl’s navel. Marco asks, “Would a boy’s navel be different?” Maybe we should begin making an investigation into this question.

But why a bellybutton to represent Casanova? Marco did not explain this part to me. So I present the question to you: You may not know the correct answer, but perhaps you can provide a creative suggestion! I’ll share these ideas with Marco to see if any of you guess correctly.

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4 Responses to What Does a Navel Have to Do with Casanova?

  1. I’m guessing – and it’s a total guess – that it could be a reference to the divine navel of Venus (the goddess of love, obviously) which allegedly inspired the shape of tortellino. So there’s a nod to love, magic, Italian heritage and food – all things close to Casanova’s heart?
    It’s a great quirky thing though whatever it’s story.

  2. I like your guess! It makes sense. A coincidence–I was just reading about how tortellini got its shape. Casanova actually writes about macaroni, not tortellini, but I’ll assume he ate both.

  3. Nancy Schwalen says:

    I don’t now what to say but it’s fun reading the responses.

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