From the James Bond film Moonraker. I love the silly bits at the end, like the pigeon doing a double-take, or the guy at the table deciding that a gondola driving through the Piazza San Marco is a good reason to drink wine today.

Moonraker Bondola Gondola scene

From The Italian Job: This one always bugged me because it shows the thieves underwater underneath a palazzo. Not possible. Venetian buildings are built upon layers of trees as pilings driven into the clay, then topped with stone. How else do you think they can support all the weight of an entire palazzo? Certainly not over water!

But enough of that rant. Go to roughly 5:35 to see the boat sideswipe a gondola and then cut a gondola in two, in front of the squero of San Trovaso. One of the most horrifying scenes in all of film history. (Okay, I exaggerate, but I do love gondolas!)

Italian Job boat chase scene


(Moonraker gondola image from


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3 Responses to BoatChaseGondolaDestructionHorror

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    SOOO James Bond – fast-paced but wryly humorous at the same time. You got a kick out of the man who opted for more wine; I got a kick out of the man who got the bottle of wine poured on his head.

  2. I spend most of my life channeling the man who opts for more wine.

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