Tombola time!

A peek inside the Church of the Redentore, with Jesus high above the altar. The church was built in thanks for the end of the bubonic plague in 1576–and they’re still celebrating today. Well, wouldn’t you? The parish and neighborhood has its sagra at this time every year, with the fireworks festival and the regatta.

Inside the church of the Redentore

Jesus high above the altar

Another fun part of the festa: the tombola! I played it on both Saturday and Sunday, for a euro per ticket. A volunteer rolls the tombola to mix things up, then pulls the ticket out and hands it over. If you get a word like “orso” or “tigre,” the volunteers pull a prize from that labeled box, but if you’re really lucky, you get a numbered ticket for a particular prize, such as a toy, Murano glass vase, or whatever flotsam people have cleaned out of their closets to donate to the raffle.

Heading towards the tombola

We play the tombola, a raffle to raise money for the church.

B can’t resist buying another ticket

The kids run the prize center

The kids take our tickets

After winning earrings and a sponge last year, I was even more excited to see what luck would bring me this time. On Saturday before the fireworks, B, Laura, and I played a round. I bought two tickets, hoping to increase my luck.

I’m holding my two tickets, hoping for the best…

With my first ticket, I won…

I won a sponge!

But the second ticket was a numbered ticket, which usually means a real prize, not just pantyhose or another sponge. The kid brought me a package…

We went back the next day to watch the regatta and couldn’t resist playing again. Vonda, my American friend who runs the tour company A Beautiful Woman in Venice and who gave me the idea for my book, joined us.

Vonda’s first time playing the tombola

Laura won a package of tissues, and Vonda swapped her a camouflage pencil for them. This time I won a VHS video of a nature show. Unfortunately, I have no way to play it, and it’s a European version as well, so I ended up leaving it on a table for someone to get a surprise gift.

My latest prize

By Sunday, most of the prizes are gone

We also indulged in some candied nuts and admired this year’s selection of balloons.

Baby superheroes were popular this year

My favorites are the candied hazelnuts and almonds

We trekked back across the Redentore Bridge, which is built only for the festival and stays up for about 24 hours.

The Redentore Bridge stretches from Venice at Zattere to the Redentore Church on Giudecca

We head into the setting sun

Laura, Vonda, me, and B




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2 Responses to Tombola time!

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    A sponge and tissues – you certainly like the practical prizes!

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