Redentore Redux

Though I posted about the Redentore fireworks last week, I’m bringing it back this week, now that I’m home and have access to the internet and all my photos. Here’s the story in pictures:


Dinner set up on Giudecca for those wealthier than us…


The view from San Giorgio Maggiore

Alessia, wearing purple, was our hostess, generously sharing her boat with us. She’s a club member at the docks on San Giorgio Maggiore, where she keeps her boat. She invited me because I was staying at her rental apartment, and she welcomed my two friends, Laura and B, Venetian residents, as well. The young couple on the left are Kaylie and Mark, American and German, who met in Greece volunteering at a refugee camp. They were also guests of Alessia’s.


Sharing snacks as the sun goes down


Laura made mushroom tarts to share


Ah! The sunset!


The guys across from us grilled anchovies, sardines, clams, and everything else the lagoon has to offer


Alessia’s boat


A party in progress!


We enjoyed the promenade along the docks and past the lighthouse


The view back towards San Marco

I even convinced everyone to sing along with me the Redentore song I made up many years ago: “We celebrate the end of the plague, the end of the plague, the end of the plague. We celebrate the end of the plague, thank you holy Virgin Mary!” We sang the Italian version, too, which I’ve been told is not grammatically correct, but after a few cups of prosecco, who cares? I appreciated Mark’s enthusiasm to support me in my love of this song.


Fireworks finally began at 11:30 and lasted about 45 minutes


The finale was monochromatic, all gold and silver sparkles, really spectacular

And if you want a little live action, click on the link below:


We had to wait until 1:30 am for the vaporetto to start running again, so it was a late night! Redentore fireworks over the lagoon always make me so happy that this is a small price to pay. And though I had looked longingly at those fancy tables on Giudecca, I think I was wealthy this night indeed, in friendship and food and generosity.

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5 Responses to Redentore Redux

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    You have to teach us your song the next time we meet!

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your night with us!

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