Redefining Beauty Videos: Giustiniana Wynne


Giustiniana Wynne

Giustiniana in her later years. No portraits remain of her from her youth.

Today I’d like to remember Giustiniana Wynne. She died on this date in 1791. But Giustiniana was not forgotten as her life neared its end. “The poor Countess is to die,” wrote her niece Betsy on June 23, 1791. “There is no remedy for her. Papa says they are all in a very great distress about it.” “Papa” was Giustiniana’s brother Richard Wynne, who was with her on August 22, 1791, when Giustiniana passed away after nine months of suffering from uterine cancer.

Video: Giustiniana Wynne

I’ve made a previous video at Palazzo Businello-Giustiani, relating the story of Giustiniana’s brief affair in Paris with Casanova. In this new video, I acknowledge my narrow understanding of her life: She was an important author who should be remembered for her literary contributions, and I didn’t know that about her when I did my initial Casanova research for Seductive Venice: In Casanova’s Footsteps.


Palazzo Businello-Giustiani is the brown one

With A Beautiful Woman in Venice, I give a much fuller picture of her life, which you can hear about in short in this video. Thank you to the two teenagers who filmed me on the dock across from the Erbaria. Behind me, you can see Palazzo Balbi, which Giustiniana visited often as a teen, even receiving marriage proposals at that time. She later lived in the Palazzo Loredan degli Ambasciatori, down by the Guggenheim museum.


Ambassadors to Venice often lived in this palazzo

(By the way, why is it that YouTube always offers the worst thumbnail images to post with each video? I always have my mouth pursed in some strange way, or my eyes popping out. Don’t get me wrong–I love and appreciate YouTube’s service, but I always end up looking like a dufus.)

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5 Responses to Redefining Beauty Videos: Giustiniana Wynne

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    I remember reading about her. (And I agree that the Youtube shot is not very flattering – Oy!).

  2. So it seems that A Venetian Affair is only the first chapter in an exciting and little known life. I will certainly try to discover more.
    The sound of water in the video, btw, is excellent!

    • Yes–GW’s life is so much more than just her early love affairs. That was the story that drew me towards her, but I was so impressed to learn about the important work she created later on. It seems that few people know or acknowledge her contributions.
      Ah–the sounds of Venice! I hope the videos transport you there for a few minutes.

  3. Lea says:

    Please don’t worry how your short video may not do you justice,the background of Venice envelopes you in its beauty as well. I read “A Venetian affair”,and enjoyed it tremendously.

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