Gondola Stuff: Ae Do gondoete


From my collection of gondola stuff: a small wine pitcher, apparently from a restaurant called Ae Do Gondoete (a name in Venetian that means “at the two little gondolas”). Does anyone know if this restaurant is still around? Or where it used to be? I searched and found Alle Due Gondolette, a trattoria in Cannaregio on Fondamenta de le Capuzine, but I’m not sure if that’s the same place with its name in Italian rather than Venetian. If you’re hungry in Venice, go by and ask them!

Logo from Alle Due Gondolette

I found this pitcher in a tiny, cluttered antique store near Campo SS. Apostoli, though sadly, the shop is now closed. I’m too afraid to actually use it, though. What do you think–do I need to serve my wine from this beautiful little gem? That painting of the gondola is delicious!


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4 Responses to Gondola Stuff: Ae Do gondoete

  1. You should absolutely serve your wine from it. I have a collection of old corkscrews and use them all the time – I like to think about all the celebrations / disappointments they have been present at down the years. You can feel the history in them. Likewise that pitcher – it will have seen so much in a restaurant over its lifetime; it deserves to live some more!
    Many years ago one of my friends set up a Facebook group called ‘Hernan Cortez Steals 100 Spoons’ in which he stole spoons from public eateries and then catalogued them ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/14403609742/photos/ ) etc before beginning to re-release them into the wild. At one time he attracted nearly a hundred members before some Facebook re-brand decimated them – I’m thinking maybe there’s a need for a similar gondola themed Italian restaurant crime spree but I’m thinking – at least outside Italy – it may take quite a while. (I understand, however, that you acquired this pitcher through thoroughly legitimate trade and I’m not insinuating theft!)
    Anyway, my advice: use the pitcher; it’s an excuse to drink.

    • Of course you would favor an excuse to drink! You’re Mr. DrinkWineToday! But really, I hear you on this. Life is too short, right? to worry about breaking stuff that’s meant to be used.
      And speaking of gondola-themed restaurants, this summer in Venice I stayed near a place with a 4- gondola logo. I’ll post the pic in a blog sometime. Maybe that’s where this spree should start!

  2. Nancy Schwalen says:

    It is a charming pitcher. If you are concerned about the glaze, maybe you could ask a local potter to look at it, someone who knows glazes and what might react to wine.

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