Random Journal Entry #7

Another in the continuing series of random writings I pull from old journals. This is kind of a weird topic, but I bet many of you have experienced the zanzare

If you were a mosquito, wouldn’t you want to hang out here?

Aug. 6

I’m being eaten alive by bugs. I spent a restless last night waking every time I heard a fly buzz near me, though what I really fear are the mosquitos or whatever monster has bitten me so many times. The bite on my shoulder is a series of little bumps, while the one on my left leg is as big as a welt. Neither has diminished in size or itchiness since Saturday morning when I discovered them. Now I have two on my face—my right cheek and eyebrow—and I’m afraid I’ll become a monster when they grow to match the size of the others.

Gondolas looking ominous and threatening. At least they don’t bite.

I just had pizza and caffe freddo at a cafe on the Rio Tera d’ Leonardo. I was looking for the Cafe Costarica recommended in the Rough Guide, but I couldn’t find it. Many of the stores, bars, and cafes don’t seem to have names anywhere. Last night I tried to find a trattoria near Ca’d’Oca, also listed in the Rough Guide, but to no avail. I’m starting to think the Rough Guide is poorly written or else I’m stupid, or maybe Venice is just beyond confusing.

The Torrefazione Caffe Costarica (photos from their Facebook page)

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4 Responses to Random Journal Entry #7

  1. Funny what a relative newbie you sound like here, lost, confused, and frustrated!
    Anyway, my zanzare story occurred when I had just arrived for my internship at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. I sat at a desk in my huge room in a palazzo excitedly penning a letter by lamplight near an open window. When I turned out the light to go to bed, I heard this awful buzz buzzing all over the room: I hadn’t realized, no screens! Like you, a very restless and miserable night but I learned my lesson 🙂

    • Yes, I was a real newbie–this journal was from my first real trip to Venice (my very first being a one-day excursion when I brought a group of students there). And isn’t that nighttime buzzing the worst? I remember spending a number of nights with my whole head under the bedsheet.

  2. Yvonne says:

    I was pleased and surprised to find insect screens in an apartment I rented in Castello. they pulled down in grooves, somewhat like a window blind. Pity it was winter! :-0

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