Too Much Kathleen


Too much?

When is more Kathleen too much Kathleen? In case you feel like you don’t already know enough about me, here’s some more. Author Laura Morelli recently posed these questions to me about my love for Venice and the Venetian women I wrote about. Check it out here, and then check out the other goodies on her blog, such as “How Murano glass is made,” “How to buy Burano lace,” “Venetian marbled paper,” and “Which of these men is Luca?”


Laura Morelli also has a post about Venetian bookbinding

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Teacher, writer, traveler, dancer, reader, photographer, gardener.
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2 Responses to Too Much Kathleen

  1. Jennifer Kaiser says:

    Ha! Thank you for the hearty laugh and the interesting interview. While your focus is on Venetian women, the lack of stories transmitted about women in general is unfortunately common both historically and globally. And from that perspective, your digging out and sharing this history makes it applicable universally. Makes me think about all of the women we’ve never heard of. You’re doing an even greater service than it might appear.

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