Gondola Stuff: Brooch


This lovely gem was recently given to me from a reader who lives across the pond. Mr. Drink Wine Today (check out his fabulous blog before it’s too late!) saw it in an Oxfam shop in Sheffield, walked away, then doubled back in order to buy it for me. Isn’t that the best story?

Can you imagine seeing a gondola like this traveling down a Venetian canal, its jewels sparkling against the water? But that gondolier is a bit creepy in his hazmat suit. I’d be happy to smooch in that felze, though I think I’d add some curtains first for privacy. Ah, if only it were life-size instead of two inches across! If any reader out there gets the urge to send me a gondola, just let me know first so I can be home to sign for the package. In the meantime, I’ll just show off my lovely gondola brooch.

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Teacher, writer, traveler, dancer, reader, photographer, gardener.
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