No Big Boats!

I’m a little behind in this one, but I’m finally sharing the fabulous post by Michelle Lovric on the TheHistoryGirls blog site. On December 10 she posted a detailed interview with Barbara Warburton Giliberti, who sits on the committee of the organization NoGrandiNavi, which protests the gigantic cruise ships in Venice’s lagoon.

Check it out: Suicide by Greed: The Monsters Looming over Venice

No grandi navi canaletto

Image by Canaletto, with a cruise ship added by artist Vince McIndoe

I think it’s super important that we educate more people about the extensive damage done by these cruise ships. I personally know numerous people who have signed up for a cruise that docks in Venice. None of them have any idea that their choice contributes to damage to the lagoon floor, toxic waste dumps into the water, corrosive air pollution to all buildings and statues, degradation of the very foundations under the city, rumbling damage to buildings themselves, huge increases to garbage dumped in the city, and damage to the sea life–the creatures themselves plus the food people want to eat. And these cruise companies bring in very little revenue to Venice, so there’s no argument that they help the economy of a city where the population is dwindling.

I guess you can tell I feel strongly about this!


See how the ship dwarfs the buildings around it. My friend Adriano took this photo when we were on Giudecca looking back at the Zattere.

At the end of Michelle’s post, there’s a link where you can donate to NoGrandiNavi’s work. They are a completely grassroots organization that gets very creative in educating people about the big ships. Her article tells some of the ways they have protested these ships in Venice.

Every year I donate 50 cents of every book I sell to either Save Venice or Venice in Peril. This year my money went to NoGrandiNavi as well.

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2 Responses to No Big Boats!

  1. Rita Bottoms says:

    BRAVA, Kathleen!!! I just made a donation to NoGrandi Navi via this interview which I will pass around to others! Rita

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