Quattro Minuti con Casanova: Teatro Goldoni



Coin showing the inauguration of Doge Pietro Gradenigo

I haven’t posted a Quattro Minuti con Casanova episode in a while! Today’s features Teatro Goldoni, which had a different name in Casanova’s day. Listen to this video to see what it was….

Teatro Goldoni

Teatro Goldoni 1

My photo is not out of focus–it’s the font!

The event I talk about in this video involves coin clipping, a practice where a criminal would clip or shave off a bit of the coin’s metal, for coins were made of real metals like gold and silver at that time. A criminal could make quite a bit of money clipping small amounts from numerous coins, and in some places, like Britain, it was a capital offense! Casanova was accused of clipping a coin while at the theater one night–an infraction it’s not likely he committed but that was blamed on him because the perpetrator knew Casanova would pay up. Hear the whole story, (or read it in more detail in my book Seductive Venice) and see how a woman was involved as well.

Teatro Goldoni 5

The modern theater door

Secret fact: I was traveling alone the day I made this video, and I refuse to use a selfie stick for filming. So I imbibed a little liquid courage to get up the nerve to ask a stranger to take this video. I stood on that corner for a long time before I found the right people to ask. It was a family, and the father held my camera while the mother looked on disapprovingly. Thank you to all who help me out with my video shoots!

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  1. Not strictly connected to this post but I suspect you’ll find this interesting:

    There is also a Ted talk by Frederic Kaplan about the project – also on YouTube.

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