Dinner at Casanova’s


Okay, I know I baited you with that title. You expected me to tell you about one of the houses Casanova lived in in Venice. Alas, I am not in Venice at the moment, so Carmel in California will have to do.

This restaurant is named Casanova for no particular reason that I can see. It does serve mostly Italian fare, and it’s  a rather romantic setting, but that’s about it. But if you were a Casanovist, could you resist eating here, just, you know, because?

Notice the tree growing in the middle of the table (or is that the table with a tree growing through it?)

The view from our table. A little rain both dampened and brightened the evening.

We ordered the cheese plate–a bit pricey for three cheeses, a few nuts, and crackers, though the kumquat was a nice bitter touch. We were on a bitter streak and ordered the endive salad and then a mushroom ravioli to bring the flavor back to earth.


I was sorely tempted to steal this plate….



That’s me, but that’s not Casanova



Can’t get more picturesque than this!

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5 Responses to Dinner at Casanova’s

  1. claudius1889 says:

    Your mention of the mushroom ravioli made my mouth water, put me out of my misery; what kind of sauce did you have them with? Regards

  2. Nancy says:

    Looks charming (as most Carmel shops and restaurants do. We are overdue for a drive down there.

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