Sneaking into Rosalba’s Garden

That’s Ca’Biondetti in the middle, trying to look unobtrusive.

Ca’ Biondetti sits in the shadows of Peggy Guggenheim’s home-turned-museum on the Grand Canal. But oh, what treasures and history it holds! I’ve written about it in A Beautiful Woman in Venice as the former home of Rosalba Carriera, famed pastellist and painter from the 18th century. I’ve previously shared a video I made while standing at the back of the building near the land entrance. The palazzo has been divided into apartments that have been available for rent, and one of my readers named Jane has shared her insider views from the multiple times she has stayed there. Sadly, she recently wrote, “I continue my love affair with Ca’ Biondetti but alas, it will be the last time that we stay there.” A new buyer has changed the interior and drastically raised the rent.

Jane sent these photos of Rosalba’s garden and the back of the house. She adds, “The back is not at all what it appears from the front in that it is more of a tower, as you will see from the photos. The well will be original and the statue set into the wall, but I think the rest are recent additions.”


Rosalba’s home was packed with beautiful objects: a violin and gilded harpsichord, fine china, silver candelabra, porcelain figurines, snuffboxes of gold and lapis lazuli, a commendation medal, and much more. She suffered from cataracts later in life and eventually lost her sight, but it must still have brought her pleasure to sit in this lovely garden, smell the flowers, and hear the gondoliers call out to each other across the canals.

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5 Responses to Sneaking into Rosalba’s Garden

  1. Jane Fleming (Mosse) says:

    Thanks for sharing the secrets!

  2. claudius1889 says:

    Rosalba Carriera is one of my favourites XVIIIth artists, a great pastellist, although not in the same league as the Swiss Liotard. Speaking about the changes brought about by the new owner of Ca’ Biondetti, how infuriating is the fact that some people cannot leave things as they are, ruining them because of their greed and lack of education.

  3. Maíra says:

    A would love to see pictures of the inside. Dou you have any? Thanks..lovely post

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