Random Journal Entry #10

As part of my continuing series sharing old journal entries, here is one more from 1996. Yes, these photos were all taken with film (remember that stuff?) and scanned in, so the quality is quite quaint, isn’t it?

Aug. 13

Today I took the vaporetto down the Grand Canal so I could photograph the palazzos I wanted, and I met a man from Malta with an Australian accent, by the name of Christopher.

Christopher from Malta

On the promise of a cold drink for my company, I joined him on the boat back to Piazzale Roma and walked slowly back towards SS Apostoli. He was slightly suspect when he told me of his nonexistent or bad luck with women (like maybe there’s something wrong with him that doesn’t show at first?), but he seemed nice and normal enough, was quite candid, and didn’t hit on me. We got some cheap lunch, looked at a few shops, and walked back to San Marco. We ran into part of his tour group who I think were surprised and curious to see him with a woman. But I was tiring of conversation and being “the captain” to decide what to show him next, so I said I wanted to go back to the hotel to sleep.

Ca’ d’Oro’s lovely mosaics

I stopped at C’deOro for a tiramisu gelato and ate it on the canalside alley next to Santa Sofia. A huge black cloud was approaching quickly. Thunder and lightning were starting, and light rain. The gondoliers were all rushing in and helping each other to cover the boats, and just in time for a torrential cloudburst. I had to worry about my camera, so I took shelter under an awning during the worst rain, but then took off my shoes and started back towards the hotel. But it was too wild and beautiful out. I stopped at the canal bar and warmed up with a glass of wine, then was truly sleepy and went back to take a nap.

Later when I took the traghetto across [at Santa Sofia], Andrea wouldn’t accept payment from me and said, “Ciao, bellisima.” I like that.

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