Venice, My Muse: An Interview with Monica Cesarato

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Monica and I have not yet met face to face, but we hope to soon when I head there next week. We were introduced by mutual friends, and now Monica has contributed a chapter to my upcoming book First Spritz Is Free: Confessions of Venice Addicts. Get to know her here in this month’s “Venice, My Muse” interview.

How has Venice seduced you?

By simply being! Every stone, every canal, every little calle has a way to make its way through your blood and simply stay there… a beautiful disease – once you live, you simply just want to be back!

What do you never fail to do in Venice?

Stop and stare for a few seconds, even if I am rushing around working on a tour or going to meet someone. The magic of Venice is forever there.


What is your Venice soundtrack?

The music of Rondo’ Veneziano, a local group who plays Baroque Venetian music.

Walk or take a boat?

It depends on how fast I have to get there, if there are lots of crowds and what type of boat you are talking about! If it is a traditional rowing boat, always always by boat!


Which church or campo best epitomizes you?

I am totally in love with Campo de Ghetto Novo; it is one of the few campos in Venice which is still full of small kids playing, memories of times gone by!

Which is your favorite Venetian festival and why?

It is the Venice Carnival even though in the last years it has changed, for worse, so much…but still so full of good memories.


Spritz or Bellini?

Neither….Cinico all the way, a new drink in town with Prosecco, lime, mint and…..Cinnamon Liquer!

What do you always tell friends to do when they visit the city?

Just take it slow, very slow and just wander around, savouring the small alleyways!

If you could have dinner with any Venetian, living or dead, who would it be and why? What would dinner be?

Veronica Franco, the Venetian poet and courtesan of the 16thcentury.  A woman well ahead of her time! And I would love to have a typical 16thcentury dinner with her!



Casanova: genius or cad?

Just a typical Italian man 😉 ?

What would you do with $30,000 U.S. to spend in Venice?

Set up some sort of real nonprofit helpful association for the artisans, to help them promote themselves worldwide.

If money were no object, which palazzo would you buy?

Just one???


Which gelato flavor are you?

Always and forever tiramisu!

How can readers learn more about you and your creative pursuits?

I am a food and travel blogger from Venice. I have two sites: and  where I give information about the food of Venice and how to enjoy Venice at its best. I also run food tours and cooking classes in the city.





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2 Responses to Venice, My Muse: An Interview with Monica Cesarato

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    She sounds charming and feisty. Someday …..

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