And Again the Spritz Is Free!

Rain rolled in overnight, and I woke to thunder and winds blowing in my window–a welcome freshness that lasted until the evening.


I am with Marisa Convento, the Impiraressa, enjoying a spritz

Last night I had a lovely meet up with contributors to the forthcoming book, First Spritz Is Free: Confessions of Venice Addicts. We gathered at Taverna Remer, which has one of the best Grand Canal views of any bar in Venice.


The jeweler Marisa Convento and the chef and guide Monica Cesarato had arrived just before me, and we started with a round of spritz. Quite soon, Luisella Romeo, the queen of Venetian guides according to Monica, arrived to join us. She carried an artichoke flower she had gotten on the island of Sant’Erasmo where she took clients today.


Luisella with her artichoke

I have not met many of the contributors to First Spritz, though we’ve been emailing each other for some months now. But as Venice is a small and often insular world, many of them had met each other before. We had a few minutes to get acquainted before the next two people arrived: Monica Daniele, who runs a shop selling traditional cloaks (tabarri) and hats, and Albert Gardin, translator and the next Doge of Venice (see my previous blog on that topic). The table grew even livelier, and drinks arrived for the newcomers.


Finally, Gregory Dowling showed up, claiming he had been waylaid by a rubbish issue. Albert regaled us with a recitation of The Iliad in Venetian, as translated by Giacomo Casanova, which Albert had published.


Monica Daniele and Albert Gardin



Me and Gregory

But alas, our time was short, as folks had other commitments to head off to. We moved out to the campiello, where the air was fresh, the tide was high, and some men at the pier were threatening to fight! We managed to take this group shot together before we dispersed.


L to R: Kathleen Gonzalez, Monice Cesarato, Marisa Convento, Luisella Romeo, Monica Daniele, Gregory Dowling, and Albert Gardin

I look forward to the First Spritz meet up in the San Francisco Bay Area next. If anyone wants to buy my plane ticket to Boston, we can have one there, too, as a number of the contributors are from that area.  🙂

Keep watching this space for the ebook! It should be available in the next week.

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4 Responses to And Again the Spritz Is Free!

  1. Rita Bottoms says:

    Hi Kathy, How delightful to see you all! It’s great to connct names with faces. I recognized Marisa whose small shop is a delight. Where, exactly, is Taverna Remer? enjoyed very much your visit to Padua, a wonderful place. Rita

    • Hi Rita! Wish you could have joined us! But I’ll see you at the California meet up! Remer is near the old main post office, between Rialto and Campo Santi Apostoli, down a little side street that leads to the Grand Canal. Great food at the restaurant, too!

  2. Yvonne says:

    What a great place to meet up with some wonderful people. It was fun to spot some familiar faces.

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