Oops! Forgot the Spritz!


How can I throw a party to celebrate the publication of First Spritz Is Free and not serve a batch of spritz for everyone to drink?! Well, that’s what I did!

Today we gathered in my backyard around the doortable and under the grape vine to officially launch the book in California. The e-book is available, the paperback is done, and now it’s time to toast to all our work!



Marco Zecchin and I both read from our chapters and signed everyone’s books. How fun! Unfortunately, our other local contributors were either traveling or indisposed, so we were sorry they couldn’t join us. But our friends gathered round and lifted a glass of wine to toa…..

Wait, wine?

Yeah, I forgot to make spritz for everyone!

Well, we dug up a bottle of prosecco, David grabbed his bottle of Aperol, and luckily we had more seltzer water on hand. Sadly, no olives or orange slices. But I did stir it all with an oar. Heather drank her first-ever spritz and declared that it tasted like the color orange. She also said it was persimmon-colored. And she declared it delicious.

And it was free.


A spritz should be stirred with an oar!

Thanks to Laura Rice for the fabulous photos!

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4 Responses to Oops! Forgot the Spritz!

  1. Cecelia Pierotti says:

    Well I surely would have been there if I wasn’t in…..Venice!!!! It’s lovely here today after a day of rain and wind took away the heavy humidity of the last few weeks! We’re organizing our own signing party here and will send lots of photos….lots of love from Venezia ❤️

  2. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Save me a book.


    Sent from my iPhone


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