Light and Shadow Dancing


“Both light and shadow are the dance of Love.” –Rumi. Image by Pietro De Albertis, 2016.


The many ways that water lives in the city–this is captured in JoAnn Locktov’s new paean to Venice: Dream of Venice in Black and White.

Puddles, fog, snow, rain, canals–of course, waves, reflections, clouds, splashes, mist on stones, droplets in a fishnet, droplets on boots, ripples, a drinking glass on a table. Black and white make me slow down and notice more.

The many ways Venetians live in the city–an old man reading the paper, a father walking  beside his child under a sotoportego, children standing above the acqua alta water line, a gondolier pushing off from the wall with his leg, elderly women watching the regatta.

The many reflections–a tower, a ferro, a face, a facade. Venice is captured not once but twice.

The many hands of Venice–carving a forcola, mending a fishing net, sorting fish.


So evocative, like a story starter. What is this story about? Image by Robert Herman, 2008.

With so many images of Venice captured by its many visitors and lovers, I wondered what new things would stand out to me as I opened the cover. But once again, JoAnn has collected images that delight and surprise me. How wonderful to see my friend, Marisa Convento the bead expert, poised at her work station in her shop on Calle de le Mandola. And I wanted to do a fist pump to see a protest poster for No Grandi Navi, the grassroots organization that fights to protect Venice from the cruise ship industry. Or even something as simple as people’s backs–walking away, or gliding away in gondolas, or contemplating a view, make me sigh for the city I love so much.

image description

Venetians take a stand–keep the dialect alive! Image by Michela Ceola, 2016.

Tiziano Scarpa, the illustrious Italian writer and winner of Italy’s Strega Prize, provides the introduction to this collection. You know you have cachet if you can attract a writer like Scarpa to work on your project!


Noir. Surprise cat in corner. Image by Giancarlo Carbon, 1960. This is probably my favorite in the book.

Brava, JoAnn, and thank you for surprising and delighting me once again with your views of Venice!

And if you wish to meet JoAnn, she’ll be at BookPassages in Corte Madera, California, this coming Sunday, September 9, at 1:00.


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4 Responses to Light and Shadow Dancing

  1. Thank you for this marvelous review and your extraordinary attention to all of the details. I’m very happy that we could still surprise you!

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