Time for an Update!

Lots of fun things to tell you about, so today you get an entry full of updates:


First Spritz Is Free is making its way around the world! Besides being free to download on Smashwords and Book Funnel, you can order your copy on Amazon–which is what people have been doing in a number of countries! It’s so wondrous to think that our book full of love for Venice is on the bookshelves and in the hands of readers around the world! Click on the highlighted links to access your copy. It’s had over 1,760 ebook downloads and 76 copies sold on Amazon!

In fact, I, the publisher, and the other 34 contributors are making no money on this project. All royalties and proceeds are going to charity. So I’m also happy to announce that I’ve sent off a round of donations: $100 each to Save Venice, to Venice in Peril, and Comitato No Grandi Navi! Thanks again to all the authors who contributed their essays, that we can raise some money to support the city we love so much.


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I also had a lovely, fun day getting to know people at the San Jose Little Italy festa on September 30. Hundreds of people came by my table, where I was selling my books and my handmade bookmarks that feature Murano glass beads. In fact, those books sales of First Spritz also allowed me to donate more to charity! Unfortunately, fellow author and photographer Marco Zecchin wasn’t able to join me at the last minute, but lots of his friends came by to say hello, and you can see his book and photos on the table of goodies. A special hello to Nancy, a reader who has come out to hear me speak before and who has bought all my books. I think of myself as a little pipsqueak nobody writer, so to know that someone out that has read all my work is very exciting! You can see a pic of me with Nancy that day here on Instagram.





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4 Responses to Time for an Update!

  1. Rosemary Wilmot says:

    Looks like you had a great time. Half way through the hard copy of First Spritz absolutely loving it and hope you consider a second one please. ….. Ciao Rosemary Wilmot

  2. I am currently reading your paperback version and am enjoying it immensely. my compliments. I will happily write a review for Goodreads and Amazon when I’ve finished. Best wishes!

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