The Barcarolle Is Not Dead


Strolling past the Church of Sant’Angelo Raffaele last summer, I heard a quiet voice and plinking guitar accompanied by the gentle push of an oar against water. Boys in a boat singing a barcarolle! How sweet is that?

A barcarolle is a traditional Venetian boat song generally agreed to have been initiated by gondoliers. This form proved so popular that it showed up in numerous operas and musicals. Check out this example, played, appropriately, by a young man on guitar.

No, this boy in the boat wasn’t singing one of the opera arias. I honestly don’t remember what he was singing because I was distracted trying to get a picture of them before they floated by! It made me so happy to see boys rowing down a canal while playing guitar. Call me old fashioned, but I think the world could use more scenes like this.

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