Casanova In Place: A Symposium in Venice, June 2019


I am thrilled to announce an upcoming symposium for the study of Giacomo Casanova!

I’ve been working on this since last summer, and registration is now open. The symposium runs from 28-30 June, with optional excursions on the 27th and July 1 so participants can get to know Venice, the city of Casanova’s birth. Here’s the symposium description from the website:

Known as one of the eminent travelers of the 18th century, Giacomo Casanova visited much of Europe and wrote one of the era’s most important chronicles, as much a travel account as an autobiography. Exploring his interactions with people in the many cities he visited and on the roads reveals insights into both the man and his times. How do we, of other places and times, expand our understanding of his contributions? Join us in Venice, Casanova’s birthplace and heart-home, to explore the impact of place and time on Casanova’s identity, writing, and ideas.

This symposium aims to bring together anyone interested in the study of Casanova’s life and letters. A rich variety of participants will engender rich discussion and invite new ideas and perspectives. On offer will be events both academic as well as popular.

The Symposium will include papers, readings from published books, and receptions. Optional extra excursions may include a trip on the Burchiello, a tour of the Casanova’s cell in the Doge’s Palace,  and walking tours to Casanova sites in Venice. The reception will be held at the Galleria Redentore on Giudecca and the lectures will be held at the Centro Cultural Don Orione Artigianelli in Dorsoduro. 

We’ll have a presentation of papers from Gregory Dowling, Cyril Frances, Jean-Christophe Igalens, Mladen Kozul, Malina Stefanovska, Nicola Vinovrški, and the team of Stefano Feroci and Tom Vitelli. On Sunday there’s a panel discussion with authors who have written about Casanova, including Barbara Lynn-Davis and Sergei Tseytlin.

We’ll also be screening the film version of Casanova, the production from the Northern Ballet choreographed by Kenneth Tindall with creative collaboration from Ian Kelly.

All are welcome to attend. Check out the website, send me your questions, and we’ll all meet up in Venice!


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