Redefining Beauty: Anna Maria dal Violin

While recently speaking to the Dante Society in Santa Cruz about remarkable Venetian women, we veered for quite a while onto the topic of Anna Maria dal Violin and the musicians of the Piéta. I realized I had not shared this video here on my blog, so this seems like a good time to rectify that! Ann Maria was one of the remarkable women musicians at the Ospedale Santa Maria della Piéta, which took in orphans and gave them a musical education. Anna Maria became the special student of Antonio Vivaldi.

Thank you to the receptionist who was selling tickets for the concerts given in the church on the day I visited last. He was kind enough to allow me past the barrier for a couple minutes so I could give you this glimpse of the interior.

When Anna Maria began her musical instruction as a child here at the orphanage, this actual church had not yet been built. But it was completed during her lifetime, and it is believed, by researcher Mickey White, that Anna Maria is buried beneath the stone of the church along with her musical sisters.


The original church. Notice the small door on the left side. It was known as the scaffetta, where babies were left for the nuns to pick up anonymously.

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