Un Piccolo Poema: “Ca’ d’Oro”


Ruskin’s unfinished sketch of Ca’ d’Oro’s facade


I want to live in the Ca’ d’Oro.

I deserve such beauty.

Each morning I’d rise to be framed by

gothic arabesques and marble,

columns of rose, melon, and cerulean blue.

I’d gaze down upon green waters as

gondoliers call out “Oeee!”

And the jealous would gaze at my

windows draped in billowing white.

I would be beautiful in this house of gold,

looking down on the backs of white

seagulls gliding below me.

And at my elbow, standing guard,

a humped lion, grimacing, and

glaring at my enemies.

My bricks, my disks of thick glass,

my mosaics of multicolored marble,

beneath my so deserving soles.



Oh, those mosaics


(Thanks to Wikipedia for the images.)

About seductivevenice

Teacher, writer, traveler, dancer, reader, photographer, gardener.
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4 Responses to Un Piccolo Poema: “Ca’ d’Oro”

  1. I love this! Did you write it, Kathleen? Delicious imagery. May I send it to my students? They write a paper each semester on the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and as Isabella loved Venice and the Ca d’Oro most of all (and took actual windows and balconies home to Boston for the courtyard) I think they would appreciate this.

    • Oh gosh, really? I’d be very flattered! Yes, I wrote it many moons ago. I don’t feel like I understand poetry (even though I teach it!), but I just try to capture a feeling or a moment. I’m glad to hear this one spoke to you!

  2. Vince Gratzer says:

    A beautiful poem about a gorgeous palazzo. And yes, those tiles…I loved the last line of the poem.
    I’d almost feel bad walking on them. Almost.

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