The Curious Guide


Luisella with an artichoke flower

“We have to be curious when we travel in Italy.”

Luisella Romeo reminds us of this in her interview with Italy Chronicles on April 6. Her curiosity is certainly one of the traits that makes her a great tour guide. In fact, if you watch this sixteen minute interview, you can discover why Venice doesn’t have brick fired pizza and how to choose a tour guide. She also offers gentle reminders about photographing people and shares her favorite lesser-known museums. (No, I’m not giving away her list in this blog!) And one of my favorite lines is when she talks about the rich cultural and ethnic diversity that Venice has always enjoyed. “Our DNA is a mess and I’m happy it is,” she says gleefully.

Luisella is a native Venetian, but I love how she talks about “people who chose to become Venetian.” What a lovely way to be inclusive and make people like me feel like we have a place in this city we love so much. In fact, in her chapter in First Spritz Is Free: Confessions of Venice Addicts, Luisella writes,

“Can you really fall in love with a city you didn’t choose? As Venice is the city where I live and where my family has lived for generations, it may feel hard to imagine I could fall in love with it. You can love it, but falling in love is, as we know, a different story. It feels incestuous, something that does not come spontaneously. And yet, it happened.”

Enjoy her interview. Thanks, Italy Chronicles, for letting us get to know Luisella better!

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8 Responses to The Curious Guide

  1. Riff says:

    Being a guide in Venice sounds like a dream job! So, where can I find a good study guide for the exam?

  2. I enjoyed First Spritz is Free, and I was happy to give it a 5-star review on Amazon and Goodreads. Highly recommended!

  3. Cecelia Pierotti says:

    I enjoyed the Italy Chronicles interview with Luisella very much! I was so honored to meet her in person while in Venice last summer because of a meet up of contributors to our book First Spritz…..she is genuine and easy to be around and I’m sure a tour with her would be fantastic! I hope to run into her often when I move to Venice soon!!! Thanks for posting this Kathleen….

    • My pleasure! I’m a big fan of Luisella also, and so happy I got to meet her through the First Spritz Is Free project. But what is this about you moving to Venice?! When?

      • Cecelia Pierotti says:

        Hey Kathleen….I’ve been preparing my house for sale for a couple months and hope to get it on the market soon! I’ll move to Venezia as soon as it sells….if not now, when?!!!


        Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

  4. Congratulations, Cecelia! Maybe next time we meet up will be in Venice rather than Danville!

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