Dear Venice, Wish You Were Here #2

“Auguri infiniti e

Tante cose affettuose”

What a greeting! “Infinite wishes and many affectionate things”–or something like that. Native speakers out there, is there a better way to translate this?

By the way, I love how the lamppost stretches out of the frame. What an unusual design for a postcard of its time. There’s a teensy little gondola with a felze in front of the Salute, but the boat that is in the foreground appears to be a sandolo or other small Venetian boat.


The postcard is going to Udine, though a water stain blurs some of the details. The postal cancellation appears to be 1925. Do we have any experts out there who know something about how to read postal marks? The stamp itself is mostly torn off. img_2292.jpg

Here is a close up of the writing. What do you think that last name is? Famiglie Rouhoni? They seem to be very affectionate people!



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