Redefining Beauty: Giustiniana Wynne

I’m here to set the record straight about Giustiniana Wynne. Previously, I wrote and spoke about her affair with Casanova, in which I relate a pretty funny and maybe even bawdy story about their assignation in a garret. But after doing much more research into her life and works, I learned that she is so much more than that silly story. In this video, shot on the Grand Canal in Venice, I give a fuller rendition of her life and works.

I hope you’ll take this moment to learn more about women’s history and this particular woman who deserves more credit than she often receives. Giustiniana Wynne is an important and groundbreaking author–she really did DO something as she predicted in her youth.


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3 Responses to Redefining Beauty: Giustiniana Wynne

  1. Fascinating information. Mille grazie.

  2. Valeriano says:

    Thank you so much. I enjoyed every bit.

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