The Venice Walkby

Are your eyes tripping out?

In San Francisco I was passing by an art gallery and saw this 3D painting. Cool, right? I’ve seen this artist’s work in Venice since then, too. Unfortunately, I didn’t write down the artist’s name. Does anyone out there know it?


***A friend later posted to Facebook that the artist is Patrick Hughes. Thanks, Gary!

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3 Responses to The Venice Walkby

  1. Rita Bottoms says:

    Hi Kathy, where was the art gallery? I’ve seen this somewhere before. Rita

    • It was in Union Square, a couple years ago. But I saw similar works in Venice–I think it was the gallery near Campo Santo Stefano that has the little courtyard where there are always some interesting sculptures.

      My friend Gary replied via fb that the artist is Patrick Hughes, who terms his style as “reverspective.”

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