Venice, Wish You Were Here #6



My friend bought this postcard for me at a sort of “garage sale” in a small village in France. What is the equivalent of a garage sale there? What do they call it?

I’m sad that there’s no real message on the card; now my “rule” is to only buy cards with written messages. But the fact that it’s from 1925 is pretty cool! How do I decipher the dates for month and day? And, sadly, the stamp is missing.

It seems to be addressed to Madame et Monsieur Benjamin Chamot, a Villiers le Sec, par Vurze, Nièvre, France, which is in the Burgundy region. At the 2007 census, the population was estimated at 49 people. More students live in the dorms at the high school where I teach! I wonder if members of the Chamot family still live there?

In 1925 the gondolas still had a felze, the little cabin to protect passengers from the elements (and others’ eyes). The gondolier is all in snazzy white. There seems to be a vaporetto stop just before the Rialto Bridge, though it’s amazing to see this area so empty, without the docks and all the people walking by or embarking or disembarking from boats.

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9 Responses to Venice, Wish You Were Here #6

  1. Cecelia ierotti says:

    Does look wonderfully serene!

  2. Bert says:

    I don’t know what the French call it, but we (England) call it a garage sale, if it’s actually at one house. I thought that you called them “yard sales”. If a lot of people take their unwanted bric-a-brac to one place (by car), it’s called a “car boot sale”. The dates are easy to decipher, as there are only 12 months in a year. We take the logical approach: day-month-year. It seems it took two days to get to Nievre.

  3. Nancy says:

    Of course I am addicted to the British version Antiques Roadshow (and the American one).

  4. My first thought also was how wonderfully empty the calle fronting the Rialto.

  5. And this from Jane Fleming, shared with permission via email:
    “The date on the postcard is the 24th day of the third month (the month was given in Roman numerals). The French equivalent of a garage sale is a Vide-Greniers (literally an empty attic!). In the UK they’re called car boot sales (as you’re limited to what you can fit in the boot of your car) and, interestingly, on our neighbouring island of Sark where there are no cars permitted, they have wheelbarrow sales!”

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