I Teatri di Venezia

Some people actually like tests. Do you? If so, you should visit the Ca’ Golden museum in Venice. It has a room dedicated to Venice’s rich and important theater legacy. But the best part is the large map where you can try to place little wooden theaters onto their proper spots in Venice. It’s a little bit like Monopoly houses but in 17th & 18th century Venice.


This sign indicates that Venice was the real musical capital of Europe, not Paris.

By the way, Venice boasts the first public opera performance in the world, at the Teatro San Cassan, which no longer exists but was near the Rialto market.


Here’s a bird’s eye view of the whole city.


Many people know about Teatro Sant’ Angelo, where Casanova was once the manager, and Luisa Bergalli Gozzi worked there as stage manager and “purse-holder.” But have you ever heard of Teatro Pepoli?


Red blocks indicate places that Carlo Goldoni lived. And do you see that little white square painted on the top? Those are theaters where Goldoni worked.


Notice how many theaters were owned or operated by the Grimani family. These were the same brothers who became patrons to the young Casanova children after their father died.


There was even a theater out in the boonies of Cannaregio, near what is now modern-ish housing and the train station.

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2 Responses to I Teatri di Venezia

  1. Nancy S says:

    And now you have pictures in case someone chooses to mix up the model.

    • Right–in case I forget where things are and need a refresher! In Venice itself, there’s nothing remaining of many of these theaters, so it’s helpful to have a map and research like this.

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