Venice Cancels Carnevale!

The Corona virus has struck in Italy, and Venice decided to cancel the last two days of Carnevale. Wow. Here are some details.


Being attacked by the devil virus at Carnevale in 2006

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6 Responses to Venice Cancels Carnevale!

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    I’m no surprised but what a blow anyway.

  2. Marina Costa says:

    I feel so sorry for all the countries attacked by this virus!

  3. I know–people are really scared, too. I hope the world can get this under control soon!

  4. Ella B says:

    Venice looks so beautiful, even more so than usual, when it seems more deserted. We usually go there in Winter, to avoid both crowds and warm weather, but even then, it is so rare to be able to see the wonderful buildings and Grand Canal without all our modern tourist mess. I feel deeply for poor Venice, but it won’t stop me returning at “my” time of year again.

    • What an irony, right? Venice needs its tourist dollars, but is also overrun by careless travelers. After the autumn flood and now the virus, I hope that local Venetian businesses are able to carry on.

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