Venice, Wish You Were Here #7


I had Bavarian exchange students, Simon and Pascal, help me translate the writing on this card that was going to Vienna, Austria, dated 20 February 1935. Here’s what we think it says:

“Love, today at noon. We arrived well and are now sitting in Piazza San Marco. We saw the highlights and are now going to Rome.”

This is followed by a bunch of names–must have been a big family! Can you decipher the names?

The name of the recipient is pretty difficult to read. I know some of you out there love these kinds of puzzles. Can you figure out the address, too?

The Basilica looks the same, doesn’t it? It’s uncanny how the city doesn’t change, while the fashions of the people in the postcards do.


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6 Responses to Venice, Wish You Were Here #7

  1. Nancy says:

    The signature looks like Franz, an appropriate name for an Austrian (the only other thing I could decipher).

  2. Birgit says:

    Recipient: Familie Ulrich Krötzl, Wien XV., Maria vom Siege 9. (Maria vom Siege is a church in Vienna).
    Next to Franz there are two other names, the top one looks like Poldi (short for Leopold).

  3. Christine Evelyn Volker says:

    I can’t resist a mystery! So we have Wien for Vienna. Then Maria von Tiege street in Vienna. The recipient is a family (“fam. short for familie). The double last name is Krötzl Urliss?

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